Directories A-Z


See example on Cabrillo College site at: 

They are willing to share code with us.


Should be searchable by name lastname or first, and or by department (drop down choices) but also have complete A–Z list of names below search box. For each person there should be name, phone number, office location, department and e-mail (this may need to be envelope icon to avoid spam). A search result page should have usable permalink.  For example, can create search for library department in directory and then use the link from search results page on library page for its staff directory link. Each name should link to individual profile page.

Includes links to:

Site Index A-Z

Faculty and Staff Directory – searchable by drop last name, firstname and or department drop down menu

Services Directory – searchable by name and or department  drop down menu

 For example. See Cabrillo College directory at

Contact there is willing to share script with us to make a similar page.


Also, how do we handle listing e-mail addresses on directory to avoid spam?

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